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Mireille Delcine, Haiti. "Erzulie." Voodoo Flag.




Mireille Delcime, Haiti. "Soleil." Voodoo Flag. 16x 22 inches.



Constant, Haiti. "Erzulie." Voodoo Flag.


Anonymous, Haiti. "Devil." Voodoo Bottle. 12 inches high.

Was $95, SALE $68



Anonymous, Haiti. "Erzulie in Oraneg and Blue." Voodoo Bottle. 12 inches high.

Was $95, SALE $68


Anonymous, Haiti. "Erzulie" in Pink. Antique Voodoo Bottle. 12" h. 3" dia.



Constant, Haiti. "Child Birth". Voodoo Flag. Framed: 16 x 18-1/2 iniches.

Was $3,800, SALE $3,200



Constant, Haiti. "La Sirene", 1990’s. Voodoo Flag. 29x34 inches.



Constant, Haiti. "Graveyard", 1990’s. Voodoo Flag. 34x36 inches.



George Valris, Haiti. Abstract Voodoo Flag. Sequins, Mixed Media. 24 x 36 inches. Framed.

Was $750, SALE $475


Lalanne, Haiti. "Madonna & Child", 1990’s. Voodoo Flag. 35x31 inches.


Lalanne, Haiti. "Erzulie Dantor
(Madonna & Child)", 1990’s. Voodoo Flag. 37x30 inches. Framed.


M. Delice, Haiti. "Indian Woman with Snake". Voodoo Flag. Framed. 21 x 18 inches.




Anonymous, Haiti. "Untitled", 1990’s. Voodoo Rattle. 9x3x3 inches.



Anonymous, Haiti. "Untitled", 1990’s. Voodoo Paquet. 7x3x3 inches.


JBJJ, Haiti. "Erzulie". Voodoo Flag. 12 x 12 inches.




JBJJ, Haiti. "Damballah". Voodoo Flag. 18 x 16 inches.



Mireille Delice, Haiti. "White Flowers". Voodoo Flag. 18 x 13 inches.



LC. "Sacre Coeur." Virgil Young Collection. Antique. 30 x 30 inches.



Voodoo Flag by Mylande Constant, Haiti."Guedeh." 24X32 inches.




Voodoo Flag by Oldof, Haiti. "Spirit with Red Wings," Late 1980s. 40x35 inches.




Virgil Young Collection - Antique


paint on velvet with fringe

32 x 35 inches

originally: $3,500 SALE: $2,000



Virgil Young Collection - Antique


30 x 30 inches



Virgil Young Collection - Antique

St.Jacques majeur

(with fringe)

30 x 30 inches




St. Jacque by Edgar

38-1/4 x 38 inches

*Please inquire for price


Heart by JBJJ

25 x 25-1/2 inches

*Please inquire for price

Voodoo Pillow by SIBY DLD

20 x 20 inches

*Please inquire for price


Virgil Young Collection - Antique

Baron La Croix

27 x 32 inches




Wikipedia describes voodoo as such: “Haitian Vodou (also known as Voodoo) is a religion that first appeared in Haiti. It is a mixture of Roman Catholic rituals introduced during the French colonial period, and African beliefs, with roots in the Yoruba, Kongo and Dahomey mythology.”

In addition to being unusual and beautiful works of art, voodoo flags are implements of this religion. Originally created to represent spirits in a voodoo temple, they have now become popular decorative items representing the island's culrue and heritage. The "drapeau," or flag, was designed to communicate respect and honor heralding a spirit's coming or its possession of a worshipper. The flags serve to mediate between the profane and the sacred at ceremonies.


Some common spirits or "loas" represented on the flags include:

AGWE: Sovereign of the sea including all flora and fauna and ships. which sail on the sea.
BACALOU - Haitian voodoo evil spirit depicted by the skull and crossbones.
DAMBALLA(H) - father of the loa and humankind.
ERZULIE - Haitian voodoo goddess of beauty, dancing, flowers, jewels, love and luxury. Married to Damballa, Agwe and OGOUN - She is depicted as a water snake. Also called Mami Wata in African mythology.
SIRENE - Protector of all things aquatic: plants, animals, and ships. Very beautiful, she can also be tricky.
ST. JACQUES / OGOUN - traditional warrior figure, has more recently come to represent political warring.
ZAKA - Loa of agriculture and a gentle simple farmer. Greatly respected as a hard worker.