The vast world of American Folk Art is an art lover's paradise! From Southern woodcarvings to Naive and Visionary paintings there is certain to be a niche and genre that will intrigue and capture your heart! Here at Galerie Bonheur we hope to make available to you quality works of art made by American Folk Artists from around the country that express joy in the beauty of God's world, peace, good feelings, and spirituality. Through Galerie Bonheur you will be able to find an ever changing array of contemporary and nontraditional paintings and sculptures with a raw expressiveness that is unique to folk art. Often this art comes from the hearts and minds of artists with little or no education. It is sometimes naive and simple, even endearing, but always it is a celebration of individual style and vision!


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Ralph Aufderheide

John Barton (Missouri)

Tom Blazier (St. Louis)

Milton Bond (Connecticut)

Mark Cody (Colorado)

Lois Collins (Michigan)

Minnie Evans
(North Carolina)

Bruno del Favero

Paul Graubard

Lee Greer (California)

Phillip Hampton (Illinois)

Cheryl Heddell
(St. Louis)

Steve Kelley (Wisconsin)

Janice Kennedy (Georgia)

Ed Johnson (New York)

Justin McCarthy (Pennsylvania)

Mary Merrill (Ohio)

R. A. Miller (Georgia)

Marcia Muth
(New Mexico)

Virgil Myers (Illinois)

Bill Potts (Colorado)

Old Ironsides Pry (Kentucky)

Jack Savitsky (Pennsylvania)

Lorenzo Scott (Georgia)

Madge Scott (New York)

Anne Strasberg
(New York)

Estelle Tambak (New York)

Tom Tarrer (Texas)

Horacio Valdez
(New Mexico)

Fred Webster (Alabama)

Mary Whitfield (Alabama)

Harriet Wiseman (Pennsylvania)

Misc. American Artists

Mary Moore McKown